Community Centre Atmosphere

C a t h a y s C o m m u n i t y C e n t r e

StudyLevel - BSc 2nd Year Term 2 Project

Year - 2019

Institution - WSA, Cardiff University

Unit - 1

Tutor - Wayne Forster

Location - Cathays, Cardiff



The challenge with the public scheme was to successfully marry both the housing and public projects together on the same site. My concept was founded on the form and aesthetic of the current Cathays Community Centre roof. Using this concept the struggle lay in fitting in spaces for activities such as gallery spaces, dance studios, a cafe and many more.

I found inspiration in various precedents using repeating pitched roofs to create a positive daylit environment with atriums and cafe’s to stimulate work efficiency. I created a similar productive environment in my scheme by using large pitched skylights and double height work spaces allowing light to flood the two interior spaces that mirrored eachother across the sight. Another defining feature of the scheme was to sink the central area of the sight to allow for the creation of an extra floor in which the theatre, cafe and music studios were located. This allowed the cafe to spill out onto the sunken courtyard and add to the aforementioned productive environment. Using the existing Cathays Community Centre roof meant the identity of the already very popular community centre was not lost, yet the potential someoene could fulfil inside the space had dramatically increased.


Community Arts and Congregation Spaces

Private Studio and Dance Hall

View from 1st Floor Mezzanine 

View in 1st Floor Community Arts Space

Spacial Organisation Diagram

Site Plan with Roof Elevation

Long Sections

plans community centre.png