Hot Tug Boathouse in Context on Canal Bank

H o t T u g B o a t h o u s e

S t u d y L e v e l - BSc 3rd Year Primer Project

Y e a r - 2020

I n s t i t u t i o n - WSA, Cardiff University

U n i t - 10 Grow

T u t o r - Lisa Harmey

L o c a t i o n - Bute Park, Cardiff



This brief constitued a boathouse for a commercial business offering trips along the Bute Park feeder canal.

“Challenges include building as not to mar the existing picturesque setting, hamper other uses, or disrupt wildlife”

This design challenged the relationship between structure and water whilst also tackling the use of a modular structural systemto house the buildings functions. The main lesson here was utilising modularity to create an affordable yet picturesque response to the brief.


floor plan 1-100 A2.png

Ground Floor Plan

Site plan 1-200 A2 flattened.png

Site Plan with Roof Elevation